The boat

We chose a Nautitech 40 Open which is a good compromise between comfort and performance.

We had initially visited Outremer shipyard but besides the price out of our budget, the habitability of these boats seemed to us too “sporty” and not enough “pleasure”.

On the other hand, the choice of the ultimate comfort could have pushed us towards a Lagoon, which is a boat produced in series with a great habitability, numerous tidying up and more space. But who says more space, says more weight and therefore less performance 😊

As for the name of the boat, the choice was not complicated at first. The name of Cédric’s company being MOZ Consulting (name found by my sister and which includes the Margaux M with Zoé Z with the 0 that connects them), I found the name OSMOZ which included our girls as well as the fact we will live all 4 in osmosis during this year. But it was not counting on the fact that the osmosis is a “disease” of the boats (especially on the old ones but…) which makes that the sea water returns in the hull and ends up weakening it even to puncture it ☹ So we figured the name was not necessarily the best and as Zoé said “it’s like calling a Hospital Plague Hospital”

So we had to turn to something else even though we kept the Osmoz spirit for the name of the blog.

This time the choice was more than Cornelian. We finally opted for Pegasus in reference to the winged horse, the constellation and the “look like” a catamaran and its sails but also in reference to the mythology and history of Pegasus narrated by Margaux and finally for a nod to look at my favorite childhood cartoon Saint Seyia “: D For those who know me well, names related to Disney have obviously been discussed but neither Hakuna Matata nor Ohana got unanimity 😉 As for other names of constellations they have almost all been eliminated in view of their tragic stories that Margaux told us !!!